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Geo IP surveyor may be used for coming up with your selling strategy. as a result of once you recognize the world during which the bulk is foundyou'll be able to target them. massive organizations use this tool to style totally differentselling ways for patrons placed in several geographical locations. for instance, if a company finds that variety of its customers ar placed in North American nation they'll attempt to amendment their product description to Spanish.

An online e-commerce business may additionally use this application to tracetheir customers. for instance, if they receive a large 'cash on delivery' order, they may get suspicious and need to search out out if the order is legitimate. If they verify that the shipping address is Miami, Sunshine State and also the ordering person's laptop is found in Espanathey'll not ship the order.

Law enforcement agencies conjointly use this application to trace down websites engaged in narcotics, concealing and different outlawed activities.

Geo IP location is additionally employed in satellite navigation systems. after youflip the system on in your automobile, it tracks your location so uses a street map to guide you to your destination. it'll keep trailing your movement. it is also goodenough to seem ahead, and if it sees a congestion of IP signals emitting from a traffic junction, it'll warn you of traffic ahead. good satellite navigation systems may also realize alternate routes for you. With the employment of satellite trailing and IP trailing a geo, IP surveyor has become a handy tool.